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The key ingredient to printing ID cards in house is Teslin synthetic paper.

Biggest Saver

Can be used to Read, Write, Erase, Copy, and Rewrite all HiCo and LoCo Magnetic Stripes.

Most Popular

EasyIDea™ laminators are designed for the purpose of efficient ID card making.

High Quality

Looks and feels like the professional PVC cards

in your wallet


Unique method uses any inkjet or laser printer

you already own


Your first card can be created within minutes of

receiving your kit


Easily encode your cards to make them work with

existing magnetic stripe and barcode hardware


Most cost-effective method for low-volume

ID card creation

Make ID Cards Using any Desktop Printer

It’s quick and easy to make Professional ID cards using any desktop inkjet or laser printer and one of our Complete ID Card Kits. Print, punch, and laminate! ID cards made with our Complete ID Card Kits look identical to cards printed on multi-thousand dollar PVC card printers. Not like traditional laminated ID cards, IDs made with our Complete ID Card Kits are seamless without the bordered plastic seal.

Professional ID Cards Kits & Products

We are proud to carry Teslin Paper and for high definition ID cards. We carry the highest quality Butterfly Laminating Pouches, ID Card Holograms with and without UV ink, MSR206 Compatible Magnetic Stripe Encoders, and ID Card Laminators. PoisonID products are guaranteed to make durable ID cards that will last years.

Make ID Cards from home

Professional ID card printers cost $5,000 to $10,000. Our Complete ID Card Kits start at $60.Custom Quotes If you’re looking for a product in a special shape or size, we can make it for you! We make laminating butterfly pouches in all shapes, types, and sizes. We also cut Teslin paper to any size or shape and make custom id holograms! Please contact us if you have a special request and we will be happy to give you a quote!

Designing your ID Cards FREE

If you don't have a design for your ID cards, there's no need to worry! IDcreator.net is a free, online ID card design tool with thousands of designs. You can export your designs for free to a PDF file that fits our 8-up perforated Teslin ID printing sheets

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